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Leeds United have beaten off fellow title-contendors, Manchester United and Chelsea and taken the number one spot. Unfortunately, the number one spot isn’t in the FA Premier League, but unsuprisingly the most hated club in England.

The poll was ran by fountain of truth, knowledge and the holy grail of high end news publications, (yes, you guessed it!) The Sun. The newspaper claims that it had expected Manchester United to be ranked the most hated club, but they came in in second, closely followed by another Leeds fan favourite, Chelsea. Too much sarcasm yet?

The Sun dribbles on to claim that Leeds fans and officials were left “in shock,” and that we had expected some sympathy due to our current situation. Shaun Thompson, of Sandler Training who administered the poll claims Leeds fans come across as being “arrogant and big-headed” and suggests that Leeds should stop “living up to the negative image surrounding the club and start doing things differently.”

The Sun of course adds a swipe at the 1970’s Don Revie side claiming that they played with a “win nasty” style leading to the tag “Dirty Leeds.” As usual the media remains ignorant of what that side achieved, and continue to use every slanderous term they can muster to avoid the simple truth; that Don Revie’s side were simple a class above the opposition, and that’s what brought them success. It’s getting very tiresome hearing abour the Cup Final against Chelsea, and how by modern standards Leeds would have had the entire team sent off, even more so now people seem to have forgotten Chelsea’s style was just as cavalier.

Ralph Ineson, a Leeds fan who played Finchey in Ricky Gervais’ hit sitcom, The Office, adds some balance to an otherwise anti-Leeds papers continual attempts to bad mouth us saying,   “I think the whole anti-Leeds thing stems originally from jealousy of the great 70s side of Don Revie. But more recently — when we haven’t been quite as dominant on the pitch — the jealousy stems from how devilishly attractive Leeds fans are.” Legend!

We’re not famous anymore, hey lads?


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Gary McAllisterGary McAllister’s short reign in charge of Leeds United has hardly been one to inspire much belief amongst Leeds fans, but maybe taking a leaf out of Liverpool’s book wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

A few month ago, everything looked a little glum at Anfield, and although their league position hasn’t improved and they’re still left battling for 4th place, once more they’ve made the latter stages of the Champions League and will fight it out with Europe’s elite in hope of claiming the prestigious prize for the sixth time!

The one recurring element with the top clubs in England is a long serving manager. With the exception of Chelsea – who I’m ignoring because any clown could win a league title with unlimited funds – the top clubs have all stood by the boss through thick and thin. Sir Alex has been with Man United so long now, I’ve forgotten who proceeded him, and the powers that be at Anfield and Highbury have continually stood by the management for long periods of time.

The one lesson clubs should be taking from the top teams is stability. Players, coaching staff and management all stay with these clubs for long periods of time. It means bonds are created and everyone learns each others strengths. You have to build teams from the ground up and including management and coaches.

Ken Bates has to think ten years infront for the sake of Leeds United fans. It’s worrying to see he hired Gary McAllister on such a short term contract, because it doesn’t suggest he’s thinking too far ahead. Ken Bates has to find a manager he believes can take the club forward, and commit to him now! If that’s Gary McAllister, then do us all a favour and extend his contract now. It’ll relieve some of the pressure he’s already under, and help him concentrate solely on the games ahead. If he isn’t the right man, then he has to be replaced with someone that is unquestionably good enough to take Leeds United forward. He then has to be given freedom, time and room to operate without fear of losing his job.

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