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Jermaine BeckfordI was extremely reluctant to run with this, as I simply don’t believe much of what’s written in the Daily Mirror. However the story does seem to be gathering pace quite quickly and perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to hear Jermaine Beckford would consider his options should Leeds fail to achieve promotion to the Championship.

Uptil now, Jermaine has shown unwavering loyalty to the Whites, which climaxed when he was asked by a reporter where his future lied, to which Jermaine replied “What shirt am I wearin’ bruv’?”

The immediate speculation, published by the Daily Mirror was that Jermaine was set to follow Dennis Wise to St. James Park. Newcastle are notorious for their lack of intelligence when it comes to the transfer market, often signing players who simply can’t live up to the overwhelming hype that Newcastle’s faithful bestow upon them. However, even for Newcastle the signing of a League One striker, albeit it a very good one, seems totally unpheasable.

Jermaine’s 24 years old at the minute. If he was Premiership quality, I have no doubts whatsoever that one of the army of scouts the Premier League clubs employ would have picked up on him by now. Having said that, Dennis Wise isn’t quite in the same league as Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Sam Allardyce when it comes to finding fresh unknown talent, and has made many calamitous signings in his short time as football manager. You also have to remember that in Mike Ashley, Newcastle have a chairman that simply doesn’t have a clue how the game works, so I guess anythings possible?

Personally, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Jermaine head off to a Championship club should Leeds fail to achieve promotion, but I remain sceptacle about his chances of signing for the Magpies.


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Gary McAllisterOne of the more well-known Leeds United sites on the web has published two bizarre stories in the last couple of days that seem absolutely unbelievable.

The first is taken from a third party, the Sunday Mirror, who claim Dennis Wise is looking to take Leeds Uniteds key striker Jermaine Beckford to the toon in May. Seems extremely unlikey, although not totally unpheasable. This is Newcastle afterall; when it comes to transfers, no one does it quite like them.

The second one, however is what really caught my attention as it claims manager Gary McAllister has quit his post at Leeds United, a story which seems to have been completely missed by reputable news associations such as Sky and the BBC.

Originally not quite grasping the significance of today, I assumed the editor of the site had been desperately trying to find new, news (or gone completely insane) before realising to my amusement it was April Fool’s Day. Good to see the fans of Leeds United haven’t lost their sense of humour!

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Rui MarquesGary McAllister is hopeful that he can get Rui Marques to sign a new deal in the coming weeks. The Elland Road chief said talks had been going on for two weeks, but admitted progress was slow.

Marques, who’s current contract runs out at the end of the season has been at the centre of transfer speculation lately, with newspapers suggesting he may be heading for Crystal Palace. However, Palace boss Neil Warnock told the Yorkshire Evening Post that there’s been no approach from himself so far, and it was merely speculation created by agents.

“It’s agent talk. Agents are ringing people all the time and lots of names are being mentioned to me. So I’m not commenting on anyone. It’s all annoying me now, to be honest.”

Rui Marques, and his family are known to have settled in Leeds, but Dennis Wise’s failure to tie up Marques’ contract may cost the club. Marques was an ever-present figure in Wise’s squad before leaving to join Angola in the African Cup of Nations. On his return to Elland Road, Dennis had left and been replaced by Gary McAllister.

McAllister was immediately alerted to Rui’s abilities and current situation, and moved quickly to start negotiations about extending his deal.

“Talks are ongoing – that’s all I can say. There’s agents and stuff involved and I don’t think agents are the best friends of this club at the moment.“But we’re still very hopeful. In my court, I’ve only signed a three-and-a-bit-month contract here, but I’ve been saying to the club that I think it’s in their interests to get it sorted.“Things are going along, but it’s slow. But it’s going in the right direction.”

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