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Leeds United chairman - Ken BatesThe 15 point saga is set to be resolved by former High Court judge, Sir Philip Otton.

It is believed that Otton will head a three-man panel consisting of former Premier League chief executive Peter Leaver, and Peter Cadman who has appeared on a number of high-profile Premier League disciplinary commissions.

The news has yet to be officially confirmed, and Leeds have as yet refused to comment.

Leeds have seeked an independent review of the league’s decision since the beginning of the season, but the Football League refused Leeds’ request so the initial decision which was voted on by all the other 71 member clubs of the Football League stood.

Ken Bates feels the vote was unreasonable as the other clubs had a vested interest in Leeds losing points, therefore the decision was neither fair or unbiased. The League vigorously denied such claims, and refused to let the decision go to an independent arbitration panel until Leeds United issued a High Court writ on the Football League.

The arbitration hearing is set for the 14th of April, with other clubs fate possibly resting on the outcome too.


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April FoolsIt’s not only Leeds United sites using today to wind up their fellow fans. It seems League One leaders Swansea have also been at it.

The writers of a Swansea fan site decided to take time out and publish a couple of “spoof” stories to wind-up their own fans, and others alike.

Firstly, they went with a story explaining how the FA planned to rename the Championship, Premiership B. Not a totally unrealistic prospect, as it was only recently renamed the Championship – something we Leeds fans joked was for our benefit, following relegation.

The second one was aimed more towards Leeds United, and teams that stand to be effected by any points return at next months arbitration hearing.

The Swans fan site said they’d picked up an exclusive inside story from sports lawyer, Richard Cramer. Mr Cramer was the man who ranked Leeds’ chances of getting a decision in their favour at 25-30% last month. This time, Cramer had apparently revealed to the Swans fan site, that Leeds United and the Football League had come to a compromise whereby Leeds would have 8 points returned and no arbitration hearing or further legal proceedings would be required.

It seems the majority of fans from both clubs saw the cheeky attempt at humour for what it was, but there’ll undoubtedly be a few gullible fools that’ll be making an idiot of themselves as I type. Nice one, Swansea!

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