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The Leeds United hate list is probably the longest, most colourful collection of has-been t***s ever written, so it seems fitting that injury-plagued, self obsessed w****r Harry Kewell should finally reach the dizzy heights of the number one spot.

Harry was already amongst the most hated players in the clubs history thanks to his determination to bankrupt the club when he left several years ago. However, he simply couldn’t pass the special few, who made annoying Leeds United fans into an art-form and surpassed even their own expectations with the levels to which they sank. These special, unique and thankfully ex-Leeds players are the Alan Smith’s and Kevin Nicholls’ of the world who have made topping the list there number one priority.

But, Harry Kewell has now used the ultimate trump card. Just when you thought slagging Leeds off whilst you were the captain of the club and demanding out, or moving to our fiercest rivals was the ultimate betrayal of Leeds United, Harry Kewell not only tops it, but sets a new standard for Worldwide self-obsessed, overpaid, narcissistic t***s to aim at.

If you have been living under a rock, then you won’t know that Harry Kewell achieved this feat by signing for Galatasaray; the club whose fans mocked our own following the killingsĀ of Kevin Speight and Christopher Loftus, two Leeds United fans who had travelled to Turkey simply to watch their team play in Europe. Galatasaray have since become the embodiment of everything Leeds United hate, and would even be considered by many Leeds fans to be more hated than Manchester United (scum.)

Congratulations Harry. I hope it pleases you to know how much grief you’ve probably caused Kevin and Christophers families by dragging this whole thing up once more. You can plead ignorrance, and claim it was simply a professional decsion, but even professional footballers aren’t stupid enough to move to a club so passionately hated by your previous one and expect no backlash.


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