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Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Been extremely busy, and had little time spare to spend on line. It seems the only thing noteworthy, except the hotel and leisure complex Bates is building on our East Stand, is probably Fabian Delph.

Yet again it seems we’ve produced a brilliant youngster who oozes flair and ability, and yet again he’s being hounded by Premiership clubs who will stick him in the reserves for the next few years, perhaps loaning him to a lesser club in the meantime.

Leeds will definitely sell. In our current position, I fear it’ll be impossible for them to turn down the suggested £6,000,000 that the papers are touting. I would however hope they spark a bidding war and get a few extra million from the sale. The loan back agreement Arsenal are reported to have offered seems sensible too.


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The official site today is reporting on an Indian fan who has had a visa application turned down by the UK Government. Aravind Subramanian is a long time supporter of Leeds United, who has been a integral figure on many LUFC forums over the years, on which he goes by the common username SA. His emails to BBC Radio Leeds are often read out during post-match analysis too.

Aravind from Shannai, was hoping to travel to Leeds to watch his first ever game when we host Oldham this Saturday in our first clash of the season at Elland Road. However, despite being sponsered by a member of a Leeds United forum and submitting all required paperwork, SA has been sadly disappointed, by the refusal from the UK Government.

His case for entry has now been backed by Leeds CEO Shaun Harvey and local MP John Battle, but so far the decision to refuse him entry remains denied.

Here at SuperLeeds we’d like to wish him luck with his continued efforts to come and see The Whites, and hope the story has an happy ending.

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Leeds United have beaten off fellow title-contendors, Manchester United and Chelsea and taken the number one spot. Unfortunately, the number one spot isn’t in the FA Premier League, but unsuprisingly the most hated club in England.

The poll was ran by fountain of truth, knowledge and the holy grail of high end news publications, (yes, you guessed it!) The Sun. The newspaper claims that it had expected Manchester United to be ranked the most hated club, but they came in in second, closely followed by another Leeds fan favourite, Chelsea. Too much sarcasm yet?

The Sun dribbles on to claim that Leeds fans and officials were left “in shock,” and that we had expected some sympathy due to our current situation. Shaun Thompson, of Sandler Training who administered the poll claims Leeds fans come across as being “arrogant and big-headed” and suggests that Leeds should stop “living up to the negative image surrounding the club and start doing things differently.”

The Sun of course adds a swipe at the 1970’s Don Revie side claiming that they played with a “win nasty” style leading to the tag “Dirty Leeds.” As usual the media remains ignorant of what that side achieved, and continue to use every slanderous term they can muster to avoid the simple truth; that Don Revie’s side were simple a class above the opposition, and that’s what brought them success. It’s getting very tiresome hearing abour the Cup Final against Chelsea, and how by modern standards Leeds would have had the entire team sent off, even more so now people seem to have forgotten Chelsea’s style was just as cavalier.

Ralph Ineson, a Leeds fan who played Finchey in Ricky Gervais’ hit sitcom, The Office, adds some balance to an otherwise anti-Leeds papers continual attempts to bad mouth us saying,   “I think the whole anti-Leeds thing stems originally from jealousy of the great 70s side of Don Revie. But more recently — when we haven’t been quite as dominant on the pitch — the jealousy stems from how devilishly attractive Leeds fans are.” Legend!

We’re not famous anymore, hey lads?

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Leeds United are tonight firmly back in the hunt for promotion, following an excellent display of defending at the Keepmoat and a brilliant free-kick from on loan defender, Alan Sheehan.

An heroic performance from the Whites put them back into sixth place thanks to a wonder strike from recent signing Sheehan. The on loan left-back from Leicester dealt a bitter blow to Doncaster Rovers automatic promotion dreams, but ensured Leeds United are still promotion contenders.

Paul Green took down Jonathan Douglas at the edge of the area on the 20th minute, and Alan Sheehan stepped up for the free-kick. He struck it sweetly, curling it into the top left hand corner of former Leeds keeper, Neil Sullivan’s net.

Leeds then had to weather an attacking Doncaster Rovers enslaught, as they looked to restore parity. However, a bit of luck, some strong, determined defending from Leeds and a much improved Casper Ankergren kept the home side behind, and Leeds came away victors.

SuperLeeds.com man of the match – Alan Sheehan

Several players could have easily been picked for man of the match tonight, but Alan Sheehan has proved a quality loan signing, and worthy winner. He’s filled the left-back position that Leeds have been having problems with for a while. The goal alone makes him worthy of the man of the match, but he also worked hard all game to ensure Leeds kept a clean sheet and came away victors.

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Leeds United chairman - Ken BatesThe 15 point saga is set to be resolved by former High Court judge, Sir Philip Otton.

It is believed that Otton will head a three-man panel consisting of former Premier League chief executive Peter Leaver, and Peter Cadman who has appeared on a number of high-profile Premier League disciplinary commissions.

The news has yet to be officially confirmed, and Leeds have as yet refused to comment.

Leeds have seeked an independent review of the league’s decision since the beginning of the season, but the Football League refused Leeds’ request so the initial decision which was voted on by all the other 71 member clubs of the Football League stood.

Ken Bates feels the vote was unreasonable as the other clubs had a vested interest in Leeds losing points, therefore the decision was neither fair or unbiased. The League vigorously denied such claims, and refused to let the decision go to an independent arbitration panel until Leeds United issued a High Court writ on the Football League.

The arbitration hearing is set for the 14th of April, with other clubs fate possibly resting on the outcome too.

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Jermaine BeckfordI was extremely reluctant to run with this, as I simply don’t believe much of what’s written in the Daily Mirror. However the story does seem to be gathering pace quite quickly and perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to hear Jermaine Beckford would consider his options should Leeds fail to achieve promotion to the Championship.

Uptil now, Jermaine has shown unwavering loyalty to the Whites, which climaxed when he was asked by a reporter where his future lied, to which Jermaine replied “What shirt am I wearin’ bruv’?”

The immediate speculation, published by the Daily Mirror was that Jermaine was set to follow Dennis Wise to St. James Park. Newcastle are notorious for their lack of intelligence when it comes to the transfer market, often signing players who simply can’t live up to the overwhelming hype that Newcastle’s faithful bestow upon them. However, even for Newcastle the signing of a League One striker, albeit it a very good one, seems totally unpheasable.

Jermaine’s 24 years old at the minute. If he was Premiership quality, I have no doubts whatsoever that one of the army of scouts the Premier League clubs employ would have picked up on him by now. Having said that, Dennis Wise isn’t quite in the same league as Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Sam Allardyce when it comes to finding fresh unknown talent, and has made many calamitous signings in his short time as football manager. You also have to remember that in Mike Ashley, Newcastle have a chairman that simply doesn’t have a clue how the game works, so I guess anythings possible?

Personally, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Jermaine head off to a Championship club should Leeds fail to achieve promotion, but I remain sceptacle about his chances of signing for the Magpies.

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April FoolsIt’s not only Leeds United sites using today to wind up their fellow fans. It seems League One leaders Swansea have also been at it.

The writers of a Swansea fan site decided to take time out and publish a couple of “spoof” stories to wind-up their own fans, and others alike.

Firstly, they went with a story explaining how the FA planned to rename the Championship, Premiership B. Not a totally unrealistic prospect, as it was only recently renamed the Championship – something we Leeds fans joked was for our benefit, following relegation.

The second one was aimed more towards Leeds United, and teams that stand to be effected by any points return at next months arbitration hearing.

The Swans fan site said they’d picked up an exclusive inside story from sports lawyer, Richard Cramer. Mr Cramer was the man who ranked Leeds’ chances of getting a decision in their favour at 25-30% last month. This time, Cramer had apparently revealed to the Swans fan site, that Leeds United and the Football League had come to a compromise whereby Leeds would have 8 points returned and no arbitration hearing or further legal proceedings would be required.

It seems the majority of fans from both clubs saw the cheeky attempt at humour for what it was, but there’ll undoubtedly be a few gullible fools that’ll be making an idiot of themselves as I type. Nice one, Swansea!

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